Jersey Select Entertainment
NJ Booking License Number: BW0456600
Ned Ryerson, the self proclaimed "Tallest Musician on the Jersey Shore" is a lively & dynamic musician that has been performing live music for the past 20 years. Throughout that time, he has developed a style to his shows unique from the average performer. Between standing 6'10" tall and having a style different from your average performer, he leaves an undeniable impression on his audience by the end of the night. 

Ned began his journey as a musician at the age of 5 starting out playing percussion/drums, and by 8 years old was playing in his first garage band with his father (Keys, Guitar, Accordion). Coming from a family where his mother, father, and brother all play several instruments, Ned has been a seasoned musician since his early days. He continued playing percussion all the way through high school, performing in some local bands along the way. It wasn't until college when Ned picked up a guitar and taught himself how to play. He learned quickly, and was soon performing at open mics, building his repertoire of songs.

Ned now performs over 1000 popular cover songs, and is learning new ones every week. He hopes that you will check him out at a one of his shows soon!