What we provide
The right live music for your venue or event
The team at JSE will scout out your venue and come up with the proper arrangement for your venue. No other entertainment company does this! 

We have live music for all venues, and the JSE team will work with you and your managers to ensure your venue thrives with the right live music arrangement. 

We also work closely with event planers and corporate party planners to choose the best fit for your private event!

Rather a DJ? We can set you up with our in house DJ!
Lighting & Sound Production Services
Do you have an event which requires lighting or sound? Let us help you! We have technicians ready to help you get seen and heard! 

JSE has your dance floor and up lighting needs covered. Proms, weddings, corporate events- we'll make sure that everyone knows where the dance floor is!

JSE can also supply you with all the sound equipment necessary for any event, accompanied by a sound technician to ensure that your event runs smoothly. 
Photobooth & Photography
A photo booth always makes an event better!

We have our photo booth team ready to deploy. Our full size booth with props, digital copies and more is an easy win for your event. 

Contact us for more info today.
Let us help you with your entertainment needs!!
Personalized Event Weather Forecasts
We've partnered with our boys at MFK Weather Forecasting & Consulting to bring you a product that's not offered anywhere on the Jersey Shore- personalized event weather forecasts.

You'll have a personalized weather forecast leading up to your event, and a confirmation forecast between 1-2 hours before you event starts. 

Does any other entertainment company do that? We're aren't exactly sure, but probably not.
Produce and Release Your Original Music
With Ryerson's new single "It's a New Day" being released on May 21, 2021, JSE has officially jumped into the original music business. 

We can produce your original tunes, and more importantly, we can release it with all of the music and lyric copyright's going directly to you. We will have your tunes available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, & Pandora to name a few. More importantly, you will get paid for every download and every stream.

We can make it happen!
Jersey Select Entertainment
NJ Booking License Number: BW0456600

Professional Live Music Services
for EVERY  Venue & Occasion