High Quality, Professional Live Music Services for EVERY Occasion

JSE works with close to 100 venues all over the northeast. These are just a few venues where we have placed our artists. Contact us and let us help you establish a culture of live music in your venue!!
Exclusive JSE Venues
Other JSE Venues (2021)
Garden State Distillery
Buckalew's Tavern
Delvetto's Pizzeria
The Old Causeway
The Northside (LBI)
McInytre's Pub
Battel River Brewery
Waterman's Tavern
Manafirkin Brewery
Martell's Tiki Bar

Ocean House Tap
Donovan's Reef
Surf City Hotel
Breeeze's Dock Bar
Sun Harbor Tiki Bar
Bum Roger's Crabhouse
Kubel's Too
The Seafarer
The Waterfront
Captain's Inn
Jersey Select Entertainment
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